Why a ‘Biblical’ explanation for climate change is ‘just wrong’

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When it comes to global warming, many Christians see the Bible as their only source of information.

But in a new book, an evangelical Christian historian argues that the Bible’s claims about the Earth’s climate are wrong.

“Climate change has no biblical basis,” said historian Dr. Mark Hyman, who wrote the book “The Creation of Climate Change: What the Bible Really Says.”

“It is not science.

It is not a biblical issue.”

The Bible has a long history of teaching the climate is changing, but the Bible doesn’t say there is a problem with climate change, Hyman said.

“If the Bible really says something, it is not because of scientific theory or science, it’s because of what the Bible says,” Hyman told The Associated Press.

“And the Bible is a kind of theocratic text, which means it’s very much about the will of God.

And this is why we’ve got a lot on the Bible about the climate. “

That’s why we have a lot of biblical questions about the end times, and why we see people going crazy over the end of the world.

It has to does with the earth. “

In the Bible, the word ‘climate’ has to do with the weather.

It has to does with the earth.

It means the weather and the sea.”

Hyman’s book is based on a 2003 book by Christian author Michael Behe, which argued the Bible was a guide to human history.

The book, “The Genesis Flood: The Making of the Anthropocene,” argues humans are responsible for the earth’s warming.

It argues the Bible has nothing to do directly with climate.

But as Hyman points out, the book also had an influence on the way people understand climate change.

“The climate is the source of the problems we face today,” Hymen said.

For example, the Bible gives the story of the flood as an illustration of the need for God to take care of the earth after humans had destroyed it.

“But that’s just not what the climate says,” he said.

A 2011 study of climate change and the Bible published in the journal Nature Climate Change showed that the creation of the Earth and the Flood were both in response to climate change over time.

“We have the biblical text that says climate change was the result of the Flood,” Hymin said.

But he said the Bible wasn’t a “scientific” text that taught the global warming theory.

“It’s not the best scientific text on climate change,” Hyun said.

And he argued that climate change does not actually exist.

Hyun also pointed out that climate changes are a natural process and that humans are not responsible for climate changes.

“What’s really going on is a natural, organic process that has a huge effect on our world,” he told the AP.

“I think it’s just wrong that we’re not thinking about it as an ecological problem.

We’re not talking about a human issue.”

He said he is working to get the word out about his book to people in the faith community, as well as in other fields of study.

Hyman wrote the new book with the help of several people, including a Bible professor and the dean of the university’s theology department.

The authors said they wanted to show that the climate change debate is still a contentious issue in the Christian community.

The issue of climate and the environment is important for people in all walks of life, they said.

They also said it is important to have a clear understanding of how the Bible relates to the climate and to the creation story.

“There are a lot more good things about the Bible than there are bad things,” Hymans said.

In the book, Hyun presents several biblical arguments to back up his argument.

First, the earth was created before humans existed, and the earth is not the same as it is now.

“To suggest that the earth has not changed is to say that we don’t have a scientific understanding of the origins of life,” Hymon said.

He added that a literal interpretation of the Bible would mean humans created the Earth from scratch, as the biblical authors describe.

“So, the idea that we could somehow invent a new Earth and then somehow create life on it is absurd,” he wrote.

“Because the world as we know it today was created by God, and it has always existed.”

But the Bible does not say humans created Earth from nothing, Hymon wrote.

Hymon points to the Genesis flood in the book as a direct example of how humans created a new world.

“Genesis says that Noah’s family and all the animals on the ark went into the arks and ate the fish,” Hyouns said.

When the floodwaters receded, the animals started eating plants, and all of life on Earth went extinct, he wrote in the chapter on the flood.

The Bible does say that the animals went back to the arken, and that


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