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Agenda slides, an online form of meeting plan that aims to help attendees to better manage their schedules, are increasingly popular among the transgender community.

However, the term “agenda” is often misused, with some people claiming the format can lead to a “trap” where people feel pressured to conform to an unrealistic agenda. 

The purpose of Agenda slides is to make it easy for people to share their agendas and goals. 

There are many different types of agendas, some are more effective than others, but the main goal is to get people to feel more comfortable in a group setting, and to keep them focused on the goal at hand. 

Agenda slides are a popular tool among people who have undergone gender reassignment surgery or other transition related changes.

They are often found on the internet or through social media, and many of them feature videos and interviews. 

One of the most popular types of agenda slides is a list of the steps a person will take in order to complete their goal, such as reading a book, walking for 30 minutes, or going for a jog. 

Another popular agenda slide format is a set of questions that participants can answer in order for the facilitator to find out more information about their personal and gender identity. 

Many agendas also include the option to ask questions of the facilitators or their partner, to help clarify what they are doing or what they want to accomplish. 

An agenda slide might look like this: “Hi, I’m an agender and I am interested in taking a walk, how about this: What is my gender identity?” 

Agendas are used in a variety of settings. 

A common one is at a conference, such a fashion or beauty event, to introduce people to the transgender experience, such that they may feel comfortable enough to ask a question or to share a point of view. 

In addition to being used for the conference, agenda slides are often used at LGBTQ events, as they are a way to help people to come out to their peers. 

“I’m a trans woman who is interested in the way I dress, and the way that I relate to men and women.

I want to learn more about how to be a woman, and also how to feel comfortable with myself,” said Sharon, a trans man and former escort. 

At this year’s Pride festival in Orlando, Florida, participants wore “gender-neutral” attire and listened to a series of LGBTQ-themed audio-books. 

People who are transitioning to the opposite sex or gender identity are sometimes asked questions that can be difficult to answer, such in regards to how to find a new job, where to live, or how to dress in public. 

Several of the Agenda slides have been linked to suicide attempts. 

Some agendas feature information about mental health, such what kind of medications a person needs to take, or a list that helps people to keep track of what they’ve been prescribed. 

This is a type of agenda slide, with the person’s name listed next to a number, for example: #3 Suicide Prevention: What you need to know for yourself. 

 “If you want to know what to do if you think you’re suicidal, what’s the best way to talk to someone and get support?” said Samantha, a transgender woman and member of the trans-focused Queer Youth Alliance. 

Suicide is one of the top reasons that people try to take their own lives. 

Sara, a cisgender transgender woman who asked that her real name not be used, said that she had to seek help from a friend and an LGBTQ support group before she felt comfortable to talk about her feelings about suicide. 

She said that, while it can be helpful to find support from friends and family, it can also be hard to be comfortable talking about the topic with someone who doesn’t know you personally. 

When asked about the use of these slides in their workshops, Sara said that “the facilitators and facilitators only need to feel like they’re being listened to, not that they’re going to be able to tell the person who has the biggest voice in the room what to say. 

It’s important to have that space where they can feel safe and not feel that the person is telling them what to think, because they are the person in that space. 

They’re not listening to you.” 

“They are there to guide the person and to let them know that if they are having a difficult time and they want someone to help them, that they are welcome to come in and have a talk,” said Samantha. 

Despite some people saying they find the format helpful, Sara, Samantha, and others also said that the facilitating partner should be the person to listen. 

If the person feels uncomfortable sharing information, they should ask their partner to talk it over. 

For those who are uncomfortable sharing, the facilitarent allowed to say


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