Curtis Bowers: Agenda for children

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By Curtis Bower The agenda for children has changed, he said.

He said he had a lot of great ideas, but when you’re talking about the next generation, you have to look at the people you have in your community and you have got to listen to them.

He wants to give the young people a sense of responsibility and responsibility to their parents.

I want to give them a sense that they can be successful.

Bowers, who is on the board of the Children’s Defence Fund, said there were “so many issues in our society that are really difficult” and the government had failed to address them.

“We’re in this position now that we have to work very hard to address the root cause of this,” he said, saying he was determined to see his recommendations implemented.

The Government has promised to spend $15 million in the next financial year to “make sure that young people have a voice”.

In an interview with ABC TV, Bowers said he wanted to ensure that young Australians had a voice in their community.

In his first major interview since the election, he also revealed he was in a “state of disbelief” about how he had been portrayed by his former colleagues and the media.

Mr Bowers is expected to announce his agenda for the next budget on Tuesday.

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