How to stop a massive NSA surveillance bill that could cripple the US senate

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A massive NSA spying bill being debated in the US Senate could crippble the US legislative process, leading to a series of procedural maneuvers that could ultimately lead to the US Congress rejecting the bill.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, which has been in session since December, has been debating a bill that would end oversight of NSA programs, which is the subject of a court order by a federal judge who ordered the US government to turn over information on nearly a billion Americans who have done nothing wrong.

The bill has been met with widespread opposition from civil liberties groups and members of Congress, who say it could create a massive surveillance state.

However, the legislation is also being debated by a committee of senators, which includes Senators Mark Udall (D-CO) and Mike Lee (R-UT).

The committee is working on the bill alongside members of the Intelligence Committee and the House Intelligence Committee.

The House Intelligence committee is responsible for the oversight of the NSA, while the Senate Intelligence committee oversees the surveillance programs.

The intelligence committee is currently holding a hearing on the Intelligence Community’s collection of the phone records of millions of Americans.

The hearing is expected to last until January 23, and a number of amendments are currently being discussed.

In response to the hearing, Senator Udall wrote on Twitter: “I am deeply concerned about the Intelligence Authorization Act, which would have an enormous chilling effect on our democratic system of government.”

The bill, authored by Senator Richard Burr (R) and Senators Ron Wyden (D) and Dianne Feinstein (D), would prohibit the CIA from sharing information about its surveillance activities with Congress.

It also would bar the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other agencies from using “unauthorized disclosures” of information from classified information to disseminate information to the public.

The amendment was introduced by Senator Udals co-author, Senator Mark Udalls (D).

The bill is not the only major piece of legislation that is being considered in the Senate.

The Senate Intelligence Committees’ subcommittee on law enforcement, justice, and homeland security, also recently received a bill from the House, which contains provisions that would allow the government to disclose classified information on an individual’s phone to law enforcement and intelligence agencies without having to obtain a warrant.

The House bill was also approved by the committee.

The two measures are not the same.

Udall and Burr are proposing legislation that would require law enforcement to obtain an order from a judge or judge-appointed panel before the disclosure of information about an individual.

The bill also would allow law enforcement agencies to make such disclosures of information to third parties, such as news outlets.

The legislation is opposed by Senator Ron Wysocki (R), a former intelligence analyst who served as an advisor to the NSA.

Wysocky told reporters that the bill is likely to be blocked in the committee, because it does not meet the standards for a committee.

Wysocks bill would require a secret court order, which requires that information be held in the public domain, and would require an individual to be informed of the court order before being given access to the information.

The committee has not yet received a public comment from Udals and Burr, who are expected to introduce amendments to the bill on Thursday.


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