How transgender rights will affect the future of science

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The transgender community has a long history of facing discrimination in the public sphere.

The first transgender person to receive a doctorate in a top research field was Jennifer Jenkins, who received her Ph.

D. from Stanford University in 1977.

The University of Texas Medical Branch has since awarded a total of 10 women to doctorate degrees in the biomedical sciences.

More recently, the University of Illinois has awarded a combined 12 women to PhDs in biomedical sciences since 2014.

But that hasn’t been the only way the transgender community is marginalized.

According to the Transgender Law Center, more than 40 transgender individuals have been killed since 2009.

And as of 2016, the National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that only one-fifth of transgender people have jobs, a third of whom are women.

To make matters worse, transgender people are not represented in the federal government or in state and local governments.

But this could change.

In the coming weeks, the Trump administration will convene an Interagency Task Force on Science Education and Research (ISER) to explore how to increase gender diversity in science.

In a recent interview with The Advocate, senior science policy analyst Sarah McCallum told The Advocate that the goal is to include gender-neutral pronouns, to improve the visibility of gender-nonconforming students, and to make the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curriculum more inclusive of gender identities.

While many of these steps would be beneficial for transgender students, McCallom said that many of the issues are also “deeply troubling for our students and our society as a whole.”

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 Science and Engineering Education Association (SEEA) spokesperson Katie Matson told The Daily Dot that the new task force should include the views of transgender students and the experiences of gender nonconforming and transgender people.

Matson said the task force is “focused on making STEM education more inclusive for gender non-conforming, transgender students.”

She added that the group “would also like to see more diversity in how STEM resources are used.”

According to Matson, the task forces aims “to improve gender equity in STEM education and to support the voices of marginalized students.”

 To learn more about how the new group will address these issues, check out the report they released earlier this month.

In addition to the ISER, the administration has announced a series of initiatives that will further improve STEM education.

The White House announced last week that the Department of Education will create a new Office of Gender Equity and Inclusion.

The Office will be tasked with identifying, addressing, and reducing barriers that may impede women and other underrepresented groups from achieving the same opportunities as their male and female counterparts.

This will be done through a variety of initiatives, including an initiative to identify, develop, and publish gender equity and inclusion frameworks for STEM education, as well as supporting and working with existing groups to build on the success of those frameworks.

According to the White House, these initiatives will help students who are transgender and gender nonbinary to “develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve the high-level aspirations they seek, while also being able to engage in careers and pursue academic and career-related pursuits.”

The Office also said it would promote the use of gender identity and expression as a tool for STEM research and education, particularly as the number of students using gender-inclusive pronouns, pronouns of other gender identities, and gender-queer individuals grows.

Meanwhile, the White Board on Science and Engineering has launched a new taskforce to improve gender diversity on the Science Advisory Board.

The task force will include members of all of the STEM education communities, including the Association of American Universities, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the Association to Advance Science.

In response to these announcements, SEEA’s Matson emphasized that the taskforce will focus on “making STEM education a more inclusive space for students of all genders, races, ethnicities, and orientations, as opposed to one where there is still a lot of inequality and exclusion.”

In the coming months, the Department will hold an event on gender equity at the White Department on Science & Engineering.

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