The Top 10 ‘Game of Thrones’ Secrets & Legends

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The top 10 “Game of the Thrones” secrets and legends are in.

And here’s the official guide to what you need to know about the series’ final season.


The Children of the Forest: The Snowmen’s children are not the only ones that are hiding out in the forest.

Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and Bran Stark are also members of a special “Crownguard” family, which is a group of young, wildlings, who are supposed to protect the Northern Kingdom.

The title “The Children of Winterfell” refers to this group, which consists of a young girl, her brother, a boy and a girl.


The Wildlings: This is the wildling tribe that’s been living in the Northern Kingdoms for millennia.

The first mention of them is in the books when Bran Stark tells Ned Stark in season 5, “You are all my children, so I won’t be needing you to stay out of the way.”


The Seven Kingdoms: The seven kingdoms of Westeros are divided into the Free Cities, Free Folk, Freeholds and Freeholdmen.

These include Dorne, Riverrun, the Wall, the Seven Kingdoms, The North and the East.

The Free Folk are those who live in the Freehold and are ruled by a King.

The city of Dorne is the only one of these Seven Kingdoms that’s known as a Free City.


Bran Stark: Bran Stark is the son of Jorah Mormont and Cersei Lannister.

He’s the second youngest Stark.


The Lannisters: The Lannister family was established as a dynasty that ruled the Seven Seas during the reign of King Robert Baratheon.

They’ve been around since the beginning of time, but their reign was the beginning the rise of House Lannister in the Seven Kingdoms.


The Targaryens: The Targaries are a family of six children, named Robert, Eddard, Daena, Jaime, and Tyrion.

They are the sons of Lord Commander Rhaegar Targaryan and Queen Cersei.


The Twins: The Twins are the children of the Targaryans and the Stark children.

They’re brothers and sisters of Robert and Eddor.


Bran and Sansa Stark: This family is the second oldest family in Westeros, and they have two daughters, Bran and Daenerah.

They were married for seven years before the series began.


Aryas: Arya’s mother, Lyanna, is a warrior.

She fought in the First Night and the First Ranger’s Brigade during the War of the Five Kings.

She is also the wife of the Stark’s youngest son, Bran.


The First Night: Aryas is the first of the children to join the Stark family.

It’s unknown how old he is or what his story is.

His character is described as “a warrior and a child of the forest.”


Aryam is the eldest of the six children.

He was born in 9 A.D. to a human mother and a wildling father, as well as a wildwolf mother and two wildling brothers.


The Greyjoys: The Greyjon family was a noble family of wildlings that lived in the Reach during the first decades of the First Era.

They became known as the “Greyjoys” after they allied with the Targaries and the Lannisters to take the North from the Targarians.

They have five children, who were named Arianne, Gendry, Tyrion, Arya, and Bran.

They had seven sons and one daughter, Tyr.


The Stark children: Bran, Jon, Daario, Sansa, Aryas and Jon Snow are all members of the White Walker clan, the only Stark family to be a part of the Seven.

Bran is also a part-time soldier, while Jon is a member of the Night’s Watch.


The Hand: The Hand is a mercenary company that is part of Jon Snow’s mercenary company, the Wildlings.

They don’t really have a line of business, as they are known to only kill the wildlings in their line of work.

They only kill when they have to. 8,9.

The Watch: The Watch is a special mercenary group that works for the Lannister army in the North.

They operate under the command of Lord Roose Bolton, who is also one of the first men to swear his allegiance to House Stark.


Daeneries: Daeneris is the last of the siblings to join Winterfell.

She was born on the Isle of Faces in the Westerlands and raised in the Vale.

She’s one of three children of House Baratheons, and she was the last Stark daughter.


The Mountain: The Mountain is


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