Which NHL player should be on the agenda for the Democratic National Committee?

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On Monday, the DNC will host a Democratic presidential debate that could bring together the top three Democratic candidates for president. 

According to a leaked email obtained by Politico, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley will appear on the debate stage as a surrogate, which the DNC says is “part of a larger effort to connect voters with their Democratic presidential candidates.” 

According the leaked email, O’Mally will also speak to the group on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 

The email also shows that O’LMalley will be the lone candidate on stage with a question in his speech: “What is the Democratic agenda for America?” 

The leaked email shows that the Democratic Party will also host a rally at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., on October 19, which is set to feature former Vice President Joe Biden and former Maryland Gov.

Martin O-Malley. 

While O’Leary and O’Mahon have previously been featured on MSNBC, they are not currently listed on the official Democratic National Platform or Platform Committee website. 

Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have also expressed interest in appearing on the platform stage, and Sanders has promised to be there. 

Despite the lack of visibility, Omely has been on the radar of many, including Sanders and OMalley.

Sanders, OMalley, and Biden are scheduled to appear on stage at the October 19 event, but the email does not list any dates. 

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Democratic Platform Committee said, “We’re pleased to announce that Martin OMalley is the only candidate in the race for the nomination to speak at the DNC. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Joe Biden to the platform and will do everything we can to make sure he can make a positive impact in the Democratic party.” 

The Democratic National Convention is scheduled for October 27-29, and the party will host two Democratic presidential debates between Bernie Sanders, Martin Omalley, and Jill Stein.


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