Why are you doing this?: The importance of a global agenda

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The importance and necessity of a world-wide agenda for Canada is getting a lot of attention.

But while many countries are making ambitious plans, most of them are still far behind where they need to be.

“What we need is a global plan,” says Dr. David Haines, the chief medical officer for the National Institute of Health.

In a recent paper, he outlined a blueprint to address the world’s pressing health challenges.

The Global Health Action Plan, or GHAP, aims to be the blueprint for the entire world.

It outlines a set of key goals and priorities that should guide Canada’s development, including combating the pandemic, preventing the spread of infectious diseases and fighting the spread and acquisition of new infectious diseases.

It’s a vision that has been shared by some of the world ‘s leading public health experts and has been endorsed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

“I think it is the single most important step that Canada has ever taken in the fight against infectious disease and the world is now ready to adopt that vision,” says Hains.

He says the GHAp will guide Canada in its fight against pandemic-related diseases, especially the spread in Africa and South America, and it will also serve as a blueprint for how Canada can prepare for other international crises.

Canada needs to put the GhaP on a fast track to success.

A key part of that plan is ensuring that the GHAs global agenda is aligned with Canada’s national priorities, and not the world-view of a country like Germany, where it is difficult to find consensus on key issues.

“The GHAPs focus on the importance of international cooperation in the management of disease and is an important tool for advancing the GAs global objectives, and that includes ensuring that GHAs objectives are aligned with the GPs global objectives,” Hain


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