Is CPAC agenda really ‘anti-American’?

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A CPAC panel is under fire for its controversial agenda, which includes a discussion of the history of the United States and a call for more military involvement in the Middle East.

The event has drawn criticism from conservatives, who say it has failed to promote patriotism and patriotism in a time of war.

Key points:The panel’s title: ‘The U.S. was founded by slaves’The panel is sponsored by the American Freedom Party, which calls for the United Nations to abolish the International Criminal CourtThe agenda also includes the US’ involvement in Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories, and calls for an end to the UN’s human rights commission.

The American Freedom party is a far-right anti-government political movement that has been gaining traction in the United Kingdom and Australia.

It advocates for the elimination of the UN, which has become a hotbed of criticism and conflict since the death of US Ambassador to the United Nation, Samantha Power, in 2010.

Power was one of the few senior American diplomats to leave the United State and serve in a foreign country before she was killed in a drone strike.

Her death sparked a global debate over whether power and influence should be taken away from the U.N. to appease U.s own interests.

The CPAC forum, hosted by the US Republican Party, was co-sponsored by the National Conservative Political Action Conference, the American Conservative Union and the Club for Growth, according to CPAC’s website.

The panel included a presentation titled ‘The History of the U: A History of Slavery’ from the American Heritage Foundation, which claims that the US was founded on slavery.

The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank, founded by the late conservative financier Charles Koch, that has funded far-left groups and candidates across the world.

It has been a frequent target of criticism from Republicans, who allege that it is biased against conservatives.

The panel also featured a presentation called ‘The Rise of the American Revolution’ by the conservative Liberty Institute, which claimed that the American Founding Fathers were anti-immigrant and were opposed to the ratification of the Constitution.

Liberty Institute founder William F. Buckley Jr, Jr, who is a regular speaker at CPAC, has made anti-Trump comments, including suggesting that the president of the US is a socialist.

Facing criticism from many of the right, CPAC has since removed the Heritage Foundation speakers.


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