‘You’ve got to make a decision’: wedding agenda, wedding planner,wishes

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The groom has his eye on the bride in his mind as he prepares for the big day.

But he has no idea where he’ll find the right bride in 2019.

The groom’s eyes are on his wife, but the groom also has a vision for the bride’s future.

“I’ve got no idea how many days in 2019,” he says.

The groom’s wife has a dream and he wants her to have a great wedding.

“I think the wedding is a dream come true, I just don’t know where she’s going to go,” he adds.

The bride’s mother, meanwhile, has a wedding to celebrate with.

“It’s an amazing dream,” she says.

But what if she’s not happy with the outcome?

“It could be a nightmare,” the bride says.

A wedding planner in NSW wants to see what the bride has in store for her.

“The wedding will be a very happy occasion for me,” she tells the ABC.

“My wedding is not about money, it’s about giving my daughter the best start in life.”

The bride has to find her perfect wedding dress, as the bridegroom and his wife are not exactly on the same page.

“He’s not as happy as I am with this dress,” the groom says.

“We’ll talk to him and see what he thinks,” the wife adds.

“You know, I don’t think he likes it as much as I do.”

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