‘Agenda 21’ 2020: What we know, what we need to know

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The next phase of the Global Agenda 2020 will see a focus on sustainable agriculture and food security, with the goal of tackling climate change and tackling hunger in the 21st century.

The world’s leading development agencies, including the United Nations, UNEP and UNICEF, will convene in Paris on September 22 to finalise the agenda for the year 2020.

The agenda is due to be released to the public on October 17, ahead of the Paris conference, and it will be the first major global agreement on a wide range of global challenges.

But the focus will be on tackling the root causes of hunger, rather than the main focus of the conference: addressing the food security needs of people and the environment.

The UNEP/UNICEF conference will be one of the most important events in the 2030 Agenda, but the agenda has been delayed for two years due to political tensions between India and China.

The United Nations is still debating the role of India and Bangladesh in the agenda.

But if the conference is cancelled, India and the US will have a huge opportunity to put the UN on the spot on the global food security agenda.

This would be an important development for the future of food security.

The key agenda elements include: – the need for sustainable agriculture, including food security for farmers and their families, with a focus across the globe on the role that climate change can play in food security; – a commitment to ensuring that food security is the right priority for development and development in food-deficit countries, as well as a call to strengthen the capacities of the private sector to deliver this agenda; – a call for the establishment of a new International Food Security Centre, where governments and development partners can take their lead;  – an emphasis on food sovereignty, with all the resources needed to protect the livelihoods of people, including women and children, and on sustainable food security in food systems;  – a commitment by the world’s governments to make a concerted effort to increase access to nutritious food, especially for vulnerable groups and people in need;  – an agenda for promoting climate-smart development and sustainable food production;  and – on sustainable governance and governance in food production.

The main agenda will be released in three parts: part 1 will be based on the United Nation’s Food Security Plan, a comprehensive and timely assessment of current and projected food security challenges, including projected food insecurity, food security demand, climate change impacts and food supply shocks, as determined by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The FAO will provide the baseline for all of the elements of the new agenda. 

part 2 will be an updated version of the Food Security Report, with new findings and recommendations. 

the report will be shared at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (USDA), which oversees the US National Agricultural Research Service (NARS) and the National Agricultural Marketing Service (NAS) and also is responsible for developing the Agriculture Trade Policy (ATP).

The report will also be shared by the USDA with the USDA’s Agri-Food and Agricultural Service (USAS), the USDA Research and Development Service (RDS), the National Institute of Food and Agricultural Technologies (NIFA) and other stakeholders. 

Part 3 will be a report for the UN Food and Agri Policy Council, a UN-backed body, which will present its final report on the 2030 Sustainable Agriculture Agenda in November.

“Agenda 2020 will deliver the first of a series of global agreements to address the root cause of food insecurity,” said Dr Peter Wrangham, Director-General of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

“We have a strong track record of meeting our goals to tackle food insecurity.

But, as the 2030 Food Security Agenda shows, we must continue to deliver on the ambitious and necessary commitments that are essential for our future prosperity and well-being.”

The first part of the agenda is focused on addressing hunger in India and Pakistan.

India and Bangladesh have been in a standoff over the issue for several years, and the two countries have been locked in a proxy war for years.

Last year, a series from the BBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times revealed the plight of food insecure people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, with thousands of people in both countries starving to death every year. 

The two countries are locked in an increasingly bitter conflict.

Pakistan has also been accused of being behind a string of child labour deaths in Bangladesh.

In addition, in the past few years, a large number of food-stamp recipients have been killed in the conflict in Kashmir. 

India has been accused by the US and other governments of facilitating the trafficking of food in order to boost its exports.

In a speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2020, Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said, “It is clear that if we want to end the crisis in India that


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