All-Male Anime Awards 2017 – Anime Awards 20

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By default, Anime Awards lists anime titles by gender.

For example, in the anime awards, “Girls und Panzer” is listed by gender, but the title is “Girls and Panzer: A War in the Pacific” by default.

However, you can change this in the “gender” section of the Anime Awards settings menu, where the “Gender” tab is marked by the word “All” in a bold font.

If you’d like to change the default for a particular anime title, simply tap the checkbox beside it in the Anime categories tab.

When the setting is enabled, you’ll see a list of anime titles with the gender and title that you’d expect.

For instance, “Sword Art Online” and “Dance with the Stars” are listed by default, while “Naruto” and “…

Girls und” are not.

To change the gender of a title, just tap the corresponding checkbox in the same list.

You can also disable the “Female” setting in the settings menu.

If the gender setting doesn’t match the gender listed in the title, it will display an error message.

To fix this, simply toggle the checkboxes beside “Gender,” “All-Female,” and “Male.”

Once you’ve changed the gender, you’re done.

All-Female Anime Awards will automatically populate your list of titles for the gender that you selected.

For example, if you’ve picked “Male” for “Sword and Sorcery” and you’ve selected “All Female” for the anime title “Sword & Spell,” your list will contain both “Sword” and the anime’s title.

To avoid having to do this, you could always check the box beside “Female.”

To change the title of an anime title or a series, simply go to the Anime category tab and tap the “Title” tab.

Then, select the title you’d prefer, tap the title button, and then tap “Edit.”

From here, you have a number of options, including changing the title and subtitle, changing the language, and adding or removing themes.

Once you’re finished editing the title or series, tap “Delete.”

To remove a title or show, tap and hold the title in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap the title’s title and select “Delete”.


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