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The college and the library system will begin offering online learning materials and online classes beginning with the first semester of classes, officials announced Monday.

The school district’s new digital materials and programs, which are free for everyone who wants them, will include materials from the district’s history library and the local library, the district said in a news release.

“The first step in preparing students for life in a digital world is to understand how we use technology and how our school district has used technology for many years,” said district superintendent Chris LaCivita.

The library district will also start using technology to deliver educational materials.

LaCivitalita said the library will begin providing students with a digital version of the district curriculum and the district will provide access to resources that students can use in class.

The library will also be able to send students and faculty materials to students’ devices through the school district Web site.

La Civita said in the release that the library has a number of new tools and materials that will be available to students, such as a video course from the school’s history department, and other resources that can help students prepare for life as digital natives.

This summer, the school board will begin rolling out more digital materials for its students and students’ parents to use, including a program from the regional district of the National Association of Broadcasters, LaCIVitalita noted.

La Cititia also noted that students in the district are being trained to use virtual assistants to help them complete their homework and to have the technology in place so that they can keep up with all the information.


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