How to get your agenda for city council agenda synonym removed

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New Orleans’ top city councilman is on the verge of removing his own agenda synonymous for the agenda of a councilwoman he’s in dispute with, with the councilman saying he will do so.

Gerald “Joe” Bowers, a Democrat who has served in the Orleans Parish Council since 2013, said Thursday he plans to remove the term from the agenda he has proposed to the City Council.

Bowers said he plans on asking the council to rework the agenda for next year and will be holding a press conference Thursday afternoon to address the matter.

Bowers said that he intends to submit the agenda to the council for a vote.

Bower, who has been an advocate for the city’s LGBT community, has been the subject of controversy since his nomination to the Orleans City Council in 2016.

His nomination was denied by a 3-2 vote.

He has repeatedly said he has no plans to step down.

The term “Bowers Agenda” was used in a tweet from Bowers in response to a tweet he posted this month in which he wrote, “I am calling for an end to the #bowers agenda and for an overhaul of the City of New Orleans agenda to include inclusion for all residents of the city of New.


#BowersAgenda”The hashtag, which was posted on Wednesday by @joebowers, refers to the mayor’s office and the term “bowers.”

Bowers, who said he supports the city council’s agenda, was in an interview Thursday with WDSU’s WYNN-TV, but was unable to provide a statement.

Betson said in the interview he does not support the mayor.

He said Bowers agenda is a “very strong agenda” that includes protections for residents of all races and religions and a “plan to make our city stronger for all of our residents.”

Betsons agenda, which includes protections and policies for LGBT residents of New York City, includes policies on housing, homelessness, school funding and public safety, among other things.

The councilman has also advocated for a ban on the sale of large, disposable diapers in public restrooms.

Bowsers’ plan to remove his own name from the citywide agenda would be the first time a councilman in New Orleans has done so.

In the past, aldermen have tried to remove their own names from the agendas of other councilmembers, but the process was not widely adopted.


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