Trump to deliver speech on his ‘American Century’ agenda in Washington

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Donald Trump has promised a “America First” agenda that will make America “great again”.

The US President’s inaugural address on Thursday will be delivered by Mr Trump, a former reality TV star who has repeatedly touted his belief in a “nation of immigrants” that would “make America great again”.

In his speech, Mr Trump will outline a vision for the future, but will also stress that his administration has “made the country stronger”.

“America has been strong for too long.

We are strong because we have been willing to fight for what is right,” Mr Trump said in the speech.”

We have been strong because of the sacrifices made by Americans, and especially by our military.

We will make our country great again.””

We will be great again because we will be willing to make America great.

We will make our country great again.”

Mr Trump has not yet released a budget proposal for the Trump administration, but has hinted at his vision.

“It’s a great day to be American,” he said during a rally on Thursday.

“I’m so excited to be here.

I can’t wait to see what the American people say.

“Together, we will build a new American Century that is greater than any nation on earth.”‘”

America has never been stronger’After the speech, a handful of demonstrators gathered outside the White House.””

Together, we will build a new American Century that is greater than any nation on earth.”‘

America has never been stronger’After the speech, a handful of demonstrators gathered outside the White House.

“This is a huge win for our country,” one woman shouted from the crowd, adding that Mr Trump had “won the battle”.

“I know you’re not the president, but you’re the leader and you have to make decisions like this.

You’re not a politician, you’re an American,” she said.”

America’s never been weaker.”

Another man, dressed as Mr Trump’s wife Melania, was arrested at the rally, after he was confronted by protesters.

Police have not said if he was the person who attacked the protester, but one witness told local media that the man was “saying ‘I’m here for Mr Trump’ and ‘I support Mr Trump’.”

Mr Trump’s administration has previously been criticized for not meeting the demands of its own “America first” policies, which are aimed at strengthening the US economy.

Critics of Mr Trump have also criticised his response to Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Texas and Louisiana.

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