What’s going on at the University of Pennsylvania? Students say students are ‘under attack’

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Students are outraged at the actions of administrators after a student who was allegedly kicked out of the school for using a tampon is back in class.

A student is suing the school after the university says she was told that she had to “stop wearing her tampon” because it was “offensive.”

In a statement to NBC News, Penn said the student is “a dedicated, active, and dedicated student” who has been involved in several academic programs, and that she has never been disciplined or excluded from any class.

“As a student, this is my right and privilege to use tampons as she is, without discrimination, discrimination against her,” Penn said in a statement.

The university said the tampon was purchased by a female student to use in the classroom.

The student is now back in classes.

She is suing on behalf of two other students, both of whom are male, because of what she claims is “institutional discrimination.”

According to the lawsuit, one of the students, who goes by the name of Sarah, said that she was asked by an administrator in a class in January 2016 to remove her tampons and that administrators said that they would “get rid of her.”

Sarah said she was allowed to use her tampamp and said that the school administrator told her that it was not a matter of her personal dignity to wear her tampas.

But the university said that because Sarah was “disrespectful” to her tamponic, she had violated university policy, and was forced to take her tampomizer back to the classroom, where she was given an ultimatum to remove it or go to the office and report it to a supervisor.

Sarah said that her supervisor told her to put the tampo back on, but that she did not comply.

Sarah then said that administrators were looking for a reason to remove the tampons, and the two were asked to leave the classroom for a few minutes.

Sarah told NBC News that she never received an explanation for the incident.

She was then asked to return to the class after class to explain her actions.

Sarah returned to the campus in June, and said she returned to classes after several weeks because she had been getting a lot of harassment, including death threats and death threats directed at her.

She said that some people had asked her to leave campus, but she refused to leave.

Sarah was arrested in September after she returned from a break at the university.

According to Penn, she told police that she told the administrators that she wore her tampono because it wasn’t “offensive” to women.

She also told police she felt like she was being “smeared” because she wore a dress and because she was “in the presence of a male student.”

Sarah was charged with “disorderly conduct,” and she is currently being held in jail in the District of Columbia.

She has filed a lawsuit against Penn, the university, the student body president, and four other university officials, accusing them of discrimination, harassment, and assault.

She told NBC that she wanted to speak out because “the students in the room are not getting a fair and just trial,” and that the students she claims are harassing her are not represented in court.

“They are being treated as criminals,” Sarah told ABC News.

She added that she would continue to fight for the rights of students.

“We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again to anyone, especially a woman,” she said.


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