When the global economic meltdown hits, is the UK the next country to see its population drop?

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The UK’s population is set to hit a peak in 2030, according to a report published on Thursday by the UN’s International Population Division.

The report said the country’s population would rise by about 5 million people in 2030 and hit an estimated 1.6 billion people by 2040.

The UN’s Population Division said the population would reach 1.9 billion people in 2060 and 1.5 billion people a decade later.

The study also predicted that the world’s fertility rate would decline from 1.2 children per woman to 1.0 by 2050.

The United States, Canada, India, Japan and France would see the most rapid population growth, the report said.

In 2030, the population of the UK would rise to 2.1 billion, while the US would grow to 4.3 billion.

It would be a huge increase over the current population of just over 600 million.

The population of India, meanwhile, would rise from 1 billion to 1 billion, and China would reach 4.5 million.

Countries in East Asia, including Japan, would see their populations decline the most, with the US and India each falling from 1 to 800 million and China from 1,000 to 1,600 million.

In 2050, the US population would drop to 6.5 and India to 3.6 million.

By 2060, the UK population would decline to 2 million, while China would decline further to 200 million.

A key point in the UN report was that the UK will have to have a higher fertility rate to avoid the effects of climate change.

It is the third major report on global population and climate change, and the first to be published since the UN Environment Programme released a similar report last month.

The UK’s 2030 population is forecast to be about 2.3 million people, down from 2.4 million in 2050, according the UN.

In 2020, the UN forecast the population in the UK to be 1.8 million, up from 1 million in 2020.

In 2025, the figure was 1.4 billion, according.

It is estimated that climate change will affect all the world´s people.

The latest UN report also forecast a rapid decline in fertility rates as people try to cope with the impacts of climate changes.

It also warned that there would be more people dying from COVID-19 in the next two decades than in the previous 40 years.

According to the UN, the number of people living in cities is set for a “rapid decline” of around 10 per cent by 2060.

The UK has the highest population density in Europe, with more than 6,000 people per square kilometre, followed by Spain, the United States and Japan.

The US has the lowest, at around 600 people per hectare.

In 2060 there will be around 1.1 million fewer people in the world than there are today, the new report said, adding that in the same period, the world will also experience a major decline in people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

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