Which memes are on Bill Gates’ agenda?

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The world is full of memes.

A popular meme for the first time ever is #billgates, which is now a trending topic on Twitter, according to Twitter.

In January, Bill Gates tweeted a photo of himself wearing the meme, which he said was “a big hit”.

“We’re trying to get some memes out there, some that are more politically correct, more socially acceptable,” he wrote.

“We don’t have all the memes we want.

It’s about getting those out there.”

He later tweeted another photo of the meme with the caption: “My name is Bill Gates.

I’m here today to give you my agenda.


This year, Gates also tweeted the hashtag #BillGateMemes.

He has been involved in the meme wars since 2012, when he started the #BillgatesMeme campaign, which gained traction after his daughter, Maya, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I was really proud to see the impact of the hashtag on the conversation around this disease,” he said in 2012.

“So I think it’s important to make it as widely known as possible.”

In 2014, Gates made headlines when he appeared in a video in which he appeared to explain the meaning behind memes, as he tried to make sense of how memes work.

“The reason we make memes is to make people feel better about their lives and our lives,” he says.

A year later, he again made headlines for explaining the meaning of memes to a group of children in India. “

When you are feeling better and feeling more connected, it is helpful to have a conversation around that.”

A year later, he again made headlines for explaining the meaning of memes to a group of children in India.

“It’s important that people understand how memes are used,” he told the children.

“If they are used in a harmful way, then it’s not a good thing.”


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