How to make an agenda in Spanish

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Introduction: This article is by an expat who was born in Argentina, lives in Mexico, and is currently living in Costa Rica.

I was born and raised in Mexico City and now reside in Costa Rico.


My parents, who immigrated to Mexico when I was 2 years old, were political dissidents and they were imprisoned for a decade.

During that time, I was forced to live under constant surveillance, so I don’t really remember much of my childhood.

However, in elementary school, we had to go to a school that didn’t have books, because the teachers told us that the students couldn’t read because we were political dissenters.

We were forced to wear masks in school and wear masks at home, so we would be scared of other children.

We would also be scared at school and at the time, were afraid of my father because he was also a political dissenter.


I remember the first time I heard the word “political.”

It was the morning news and it was a report about a coup d’état taking place in the streets of Mexico City.

My mom was in the news.

My dad was at work.

He was sitting on his couch, with his phone on his ear, when he got a call from the local news station.

The station was calling to say that the military had taken over the government and was in control of the country.

It was a dramatic news report.

My family had been on a hunger strike for three months to protest what was happening.

My father was not allowed to go outside to eat because he had been told he had to wear a mask.

He couldn’t even eat in public because of the masks.

The police had taken away our parents’ property and we were being forced to go back to the house to be taken to the police station, where they would put us in cells.

The only way out of there was through a tunnel that went to a large warehouse where the military were holding people.

My sister and I, who were very young, had been in the military camp for two months before we were able to leave and we had already gotten to the tunnel when the military came and took us out of the camp.

We got out, but I was handcuffed, so my father had to drag me up to the warehouse, and I didn’t want to go.

I had to get out and get the mask and the mask did not fit me.

My mother was in a cell, and my dad was in another cell.

When I got to the front of the building, I saw a soldier in a red jacket and pants.

The soldiers put a hand on my shoulder and then they started asking me questions.

They asked me how I had been hiding my identity from them.

I said I had gone to the military.

They then told me, “We are not going to let you leave the military until you can tell us your story.”

I told them that I had come from the countryside and I had not been in touch with my family since the coup d’tétat.

I did not know what I had done, because I was so young.

They said, “You’re going to the army.”

So I went to the barracks and I started telling my story.

They had a sergeant in the barracks who was a political prisoner.

He said, [in Spanish] “If you are political, you must tell us what happened.

If you are not, then we will send you to prison.”

They started questioning me about the kidnapping, and they had me stand in front of them in the courtyard, where there were guards and a large cage, and the cage was very long.

They put a metal plate on my head and put a mask on my face, so it looked like a mask was over my face.

I told my story because I wanted to know if they had taken my family away.

They told me they had not.

They wanted to have the whole family.

My story was that they had been there for years, and then after the coup, my father was able to get a new job and his wife was able, so they decided to come to the United States and get married.

They were going to Mexico City to find work.

My whole family came to Mexico to see him.

I went back to Costa Rica with my parents.

When my parents arrived, they were arrested and taken to prison in a military detention center.

They ended up in a detention center for three years.

When they were released, they found that they could not get work in Mexico because they were being held there for political reasons.

They lost their jobs.

I have never been able to find a job in Mexico.

When the family was released, my parents were working in the construction industry.

I started my business, but they said that if I had a new business, they would take my business. I


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