How to prepare for the next conference in the tradition of the Renaissance

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This article has been updated to clarify the date of the second conference of the European Conference on the Future of the Environment (ECFGE) in May 2019. 

The second conference of ECFGE will take place in May of 2019.

The conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium. 

Efforts to make this conference a success have been made to secure the support of key organisations. 

According to the European Parliament, the ECFME is the largest environmental organisation in Europe. 

In addition, the Commission has already made its intentions clear to the Parliament that the ECFME will make the most of the conference’s opportunities to strengthen the environment. 

There are some significant differences between the EEFGE and the ECFA, which is the body that has been organising the conference since 2010. 

As with the EBFGE, the conference will have a single head of state and an advisory council.

The European Commission has also announced that it will work on a roadmap for the conference, which will take shape over the next year. 

However, the European Commission says it will not be holding the conference in a venue that is more remote or inaccessible. 

“The conference will take the format of the Conference on Environment, in which we will discuss the key issues of the future, the main issues of current and future environmental management, as well as the future of the EU and of all its Member States,” the European commission said in a statement. 

On the other hand, the ECFE, the body responsible for the environment, has said that it intends to host the conference and will be open to the possibility of holding it in any location, including in remote areas. 

At the moment, the two bodies are still discussing the format for the summit and the number of participants. 

We can expect that, at the summit, it will include representatives from all of the EPFME and the EFE, the EU’s largest environmental body, as well as several other European Union countries. 

It will be important to see how they take the summit on a pragmatic, rather than political, approach, said Jean-Francois Gautier, director of the École des Nations des Sciences et de la Recherche en l’Environnement (ENESR), the French environmental organization that has invited the EU to the summit. 

If the summit goes ahead, it should be a real challenge for each country to make a positive contribution. 

Gautier added that the EFCE is not interested in having one large, faceted environmental summit as it would be too expensive. 

What do you think of the ECEFME’s plan to hold the summit?

Share your thoughts below.


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