When the city council meets in the fall, we’ll learn a lot about what to expect

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The City of Calgary is planning to hold its annual council meeting on September 17, 2021.

But before the meeting gets underway, it needs to do some groundwork. 

The city’s website says the meeting will be open to the public, but it’s also asking people to RSVP so it can prepare for what will be a busy day.

The event is open to anyone who is interested in attending.

The meeting will consist of a short Q&A session that will focus on topics that will affect residents, businesses and the city, said Councillor Matt Allaire.

The agenda is a combination of things from the city’s sustainability plan, to the city staff’s agenda, and so on.

“We’ve made a lot of progress on our agenda, but we have some more work to do,” said Allaire, who will be chairing the meeting.

“It will be great to hear some of the ideas from the community, but at the same time we’re going to have a good idea of what’s happening in the city right now.”

It’s a little bit like meeting an event planner, you know, who’s going to set up a meeting and give a presentation.

You want to make sure you know what the event is going to look like, how it’s going.

So we want to have some time to get a feel for it.” 

For the public to participate in the meeting, the city will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 17.

The meeting will take place at the Calgary Museum of Contemporary Art.”

If we have the opportunity, I think we’ll be able to present some of those ideas to the council and the public,” Allaire said.

The agenda is also a reminder that there are some changes to the meeting that aren’t necessarily visible to the general public, he added.

For example, the public will be invited to the event to get up close and personal with members of the council. 

Allaire said he wants to ensure that people can learn about the city in a safe and welcoming environment, but he doesn’t want to leave it at that.”

There will be certain things that we will be doing that are going to make it very difficult for people to go,” he said.”

So if people can’t go, there will be some things that they can’t see.

And if they can, we will know how to address it.

” A lot of the things that the council is working on right now, there’s a lot that we haven’t gotten to yet.

We’ll be looking forward to getting to that, and hopefully having a better understanding of what we’re working on.”


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