Which agenda is agendered?

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Agenda 2020, the 2020 Agenda for the Americas which aims to improve the quality of life for all, is on track to deliver its main promise of ending the “culture of inequality”.

But there’s a long way to go for the agenda to achieve that, especially in Latin America.

In fact, Agenda 2020 has become the subject of much debate within the gender justice movement, with some saying it will be a one-way ticket to gender equality, while others say it’s a pathway towards a system of gender-based violence.

Here are the main arguments: 1.

Agenda 2020 does not achieve the gender-neutral agenda Agenda 2020 is meant to address the gender gap in the world’s development and health, which has been exacerbated by the lack of affordable and effective healthcare in many countries.

The gender-blind approach will be ineffective and may even worsen gender inequality, say gender justice campaigners.

The agenda includes commitments to: • “Make sure everyone is seen as a human being”.

• “Encourage more girls to play sports, learn to play, and have the right to be educated and live free from violence”.

• Ensure that gender equality is reflected in education and social protection.


Agenda 2030 is gender-sensitive The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, an ambitious roadmap for the 21st century, aims to bring more women and girls into the workforce and reduce gender inequalities, as well as tackle the root causes of gender inequality.

It is also gender-responsive.

Agenda 2025, the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, is aimed at creating a gender-equal world.

However, the ambitious 2030 Agenda is far from gender-inclusive.

The 2030 Goals will have gender-critical content, such as “developing countries should prioritise women and gender-empowered leadership”.

Agenda 2030 also includes an ambitious agenda for the next generation of leaders, including a commitment to gender-aware leadership and gender diversity training.


Agenda 2026 is gender sensitive, but not gender inclusive Agenda 2028, the 2026 Agenda for Development, is a gender inclusive agenda.

The goal of the 2027 Agenda is to address gender inequality and the gender wage gap by 2030.

Agenda 2050, the next 20 years’ Agenda for Global Development, includes gender-conscious gender-reassignment surgeries, gender-specific financial assistance and gender education, and other commitments aimed at achieving gender equality.

But it is gender inclusive in its ambition and aims, and its 2030 Agenda contains a number of gender sensitive commitments.

This means the 2030 Goals are not gender-relevant.

Gender-conscious surgery is not included in Agenda 2050 and so is not gender sensitive.

This is because it does not address the underlying causes of inequality and women’s poverty.

Gender diversity training is not part of Agenda 2050 because it is not an aim of 2030 Agenda 2030 and so does not meet gender equality goals.

It also does not reflect gender equality or women’s empowerment.


Agenda 21 is gender specific The 2030 2030 Agenda aims to achieve gender equality in the development of all the countries in the region, including developing countries, and globally.

Agenda 2100, the second Agenda of 2026, is gender neutral and contains an ambitious goal of gender equity in the 2030 Development Goals.

However this Agenda is not yet gender-related, and is not inclusive.

The 2020 Agenda was gender-positive and included gender-friendly commitments.


Agenda 2024 is gender inclusive, but gender-unaware Agenda 2024 includes a gender sensitive agenda.

This includes a commitment that women and children must have access to safe drinking water, safe childcare, safe housing, and adequate food, but does not take gender into account.

The 2025 Agenda also includes a pledge to achieve equal access to education, healthcare and employment.

However it is unclear if the 2030 2030 goal of equal access and universal childcare will be gender-segregated.

Gender equality and gender equality-aware policies are not part the 2030 2020 agenda.

Gender sensitive policies include policies such as: • The right to adequate housing, • The rights to adequate food and water, • An end to child labour and child sex trafficking, • Gender-sensitive labour protections, • A gender-affirmative approach to gender recognition.


Agenda 2021 is gender pluralistic and gender sensitive Agenda 2021 aims to build a gender pluralist, gender inclusive world.

This involves a commitment for the following: • A global gender-awareness campaign.

• A commitment to equal access, to fair and equal treatment, and to gender diversity.

• An inclusive approach to women’s issues and the empowerment of women.


Agenda 2022 is gender diverse, but it is a little bit more gender inclusive This is the 2030 2022 Agenda.

It aims to provide universal childcare for girls and women, including universal access to healthcare, gender recognition, and a gender equity approach.

However there are no gender-insensitive measures.

Agenda 2.0 is gender relevant Agenda 2030 2020 aims to implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, but the 2030 2050 Agenda includes


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