Why you need to do more training when you’re on the go

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When you’re in the middle of an emergency, you might need to get to work quickly.

But if you’re a busy freelancer, it might be time to rethink your workflow, says Engadgets editor and trainee Nick Schulz.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Make the training happen in real time You can often save a lot of time when you schedule your training in advance, he says.

Training a new skill in advance is the next best thing, so it makes sense to schedule your next training session right as you get ready to leave the office.

You can then go back and revisit the skills you’ve learned and get better, he adds.

“It’s a good habit to do and it’s a lot easier to do than to try and remember to do something later.”


Make it easy to share Your training is an ongoing process and sharing your progress will help others better understand your training.

There are many ways to share your training: via social media, via email, via the team blog, or on social media.


Get feedback on your training experience Use the Feedback feature to share what you’ve done to improve.

“You can share how you feel about the training itself, the process of working through it, or your overall impressions,” says Schulz, who adds that this gives you a chance to ask questions about your experience, too.

“Some people will say, ‘I didn’t do that well at the beginning, but I’ve been working harder all week.’

You can ask, ‘Was that a bad thing?’ and it will help you think about your performance.

You could even ask about the lessons you learned and what you’re trying to improve in your next session.


Set a time frame for your next sessions The next best option is to set a schedule to help people plan your next work sessions.

You might set a time for a new project you’re working on, for example, or for a project you’ve worked on before.

5. “

If you can schedule in advance and give a clear time for people to come, that way they know exactly what they’re doing and they don’t feel rushed,” Schulz adds.


Use your experience as a motivator Use the feedback feature to let people know how you’re feeling about your training, Schulz says.

For example, he recommends asking your clients about how they’re learning a new tool and you’re helping them.

This will show them that you’re genuinely interested in their feedback and helping them to get better.


Share your progress with other people Use the Training Forum to post your progress to the training forum.

“Post your progress in a format that makes sense for everyone and you’ll have a lot more people commenting and making suggestions,” Schulzes adds.

The forum also offers suggestions for improving your training or training your team, such as improving your presentation skills.

“For example, people will often suggest you show them how to better write your resume,” he says, and they’ll be much more likely to do so.

“Similarly, if you have a better understanding of your colleagues’ skills, you’ll be more likely be able to share that in your training.”


Find a team leader to support your progress The next thing you can do is ask for help on your own.

“I use the training team to help me plan my training,” Schuyles says.

“They’ll be there to help with all the things I need to work through when I’m out and about, as well as with any advice I need when I need it.”


Find out how to be more successful with your training You can find the best way to train at our Training Resources page, which has a full list of resources to help you with the basics of training.

For more tips and tricks for training, check out our training resource list.

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