How to make a black agenda agenda that will save your job

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With the 2016 election in full swing, a lot of people are calling out the “black agenda” — a set of policies that have been deemed to be harmful to the Black community.

Some of these policies have the potential to be the next wave of the Trump era, but some are already under consideration.

So what should you do if you see something that you think could be a Black agenda?

We spoke with several experts in the Black and African American community to find out.1.

You need to make sure your identity is safeWhen a Black person says something that they believe could be considered a Black “black” agenda, the first question people usually ask is, “What are you doing?”

We all have our own stories about what might be considered racist, but it’s important to keep in mind that these things are rarely the norm for Black people.

As a Black woman, I’ve seen many Black people start a Black social media campaign or talk about their support for Black women.

For Black people of color, this can also lead to Black activists taking a stand.

I think this can be especially important for Black feminists and other activists who are not part of the mainstream Black feminist movement, but who are active in Black liberation movements.

For example, I know a lot people in the feminist movement who have used the Black feminism movement to talk about the importance of Black liberation and to raise awareness about racism.

For me, it was a big challenge to start a black feminist organization that didn’t necessarily have a Black female member in it.2.

Don’t be afraid to call attention to racism in the black communityAs I mentioned before, we all have stories of people who have said things that we didn’t agree with, or who we disagree with on some level.

For instance, there are people who say things like “Black women are stupid, they don’t understand the world, they just live in it like we do,” or that we are “all a bunch of pussy-grabbing, stupid, spoiled brats.”

If you are a Black feminist, or a Black man, or anyone who feels that they fit into one of these categories, you might want to be more careful about what you say.

Sometimes, we need to call out racism, and sometimes we need it to be ignored.

In this case, I think it is important to call the attention to what is being said to Black people that are speaking up, or not speaking up.

We need to start by talking about why they are being called out and what their views are, but also to start bringing attention to other people who are making the same criticisms.

The Black community has always been at the forefront of these conversations, but we need Black voices to start saying these things out loud.3.

Get out and voteIn a presidential election, voting is key.

And while the outcome of the election might not be known for some time, Black people are already voting.

As Black people, we are still a large group of people that choose to vote in presidential elections, and we should be doing so as a way to protect ourselves from being labeled a “protest vote” or a “black vote” for being too vocal about our issues.

We are not just voting to ensure our voices are heard.

We also need to be prepared to take the initiative in electing people who represent us and to elect candidates who are fighting for our interests.4.

Be aware of your Black identityWe have a number of identities, but one of the biggest challenges for Black communities is the fact that we have a lot more Black people than people of any other race.

We live in a society that still sees Black people as the second-class citizens of the United States.

In addition to the fact we live in an oppressive and racist society, many Black Americans have been disproportionately targeted for violence.

It is also important to remember that we live within a Black and American society, and it is not uncommon for Black men to be sexually assaulted, robbed, and killed in ways that are rarely discussed or discussed.

It’s important that we understand that Black people have been impacted by these types of attacks, and to keep our eyes on the bigger picture.5.

Don ‘t just agree with what someone else saysBlack and African Americans are still fighting for social justice, but this fight isn’t just about Black people’s rights.

In the last several decades, Black and Latino communities have experienced a resurgence in activism and political activism, and a lot has changed.

We now live in more progressive times, and many Black and Latinx communities have been organizing against police brutality and the death penalty.

We have seen Black people elected to offices in states across the country, and Black people on the presidential and congressional ballots.

We know that our voices and our power are important in this moment.

If you want to do something about the issues that are affecting your community, it is crucial to be aware of the way that your identity


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