The full agenda of the summit of the world’s leading environmental NGOs

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Al Jazeera’s Rania Khalek reports from Paris on the summit to be held on November 6.

Al Jazeera: What is agenda 21?

Agenda 21 (also known as the Paris Agreement or Paris Declaration) was a global agreement that aims to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

It was signed by 195 countries in 2015.

It is one of the main international agreements aimed at reducing the use of fossil fuels, but some countries have objected to it, arguing it fails to protect the environment and the rights of indigenous peoples.

The deal was criticised for failing to address the impacts of climate change, and for failing even to include a reference to the “right to life” in its text.

But activists say the agreement has been an effective way to tackle global warming, and the agreement could be the key to ending climate change if it is ratified and implemented by the US and other countries.

Al Jazeera: How will it work?

Al Jazeera’s Samira Khan reports from the United States on the COP21 summit in Paris, where activists and politicians are pushing for a global pact to combat climate change.

Al Jazeeras: Are the governments really ready to put their money where their mouths are?

Samira Khan: It’s really clear that the world has to do something now.

I think that’s the challenge.

There’s a lot of political will to do this.

But the main thing is that the governments are really going to have to work together.

They’ve got to make sure that we have a global climate deal.

The US, Britain and France are the big players.

So the US, Canada and China have to be the big voices.

AlJazeer: How are they going to do that?

Al Khan: I think they’re going to try to make a very big political difference.

They are going to be really focused on making sure that the deal is a good deal.

They’re going have to make it more than just a technical agreement.

I mean, you’ve got a big international conference where all the major powers are coming together.

And I think there’s going to come a moment where they realise that it’s not just about the technical terms of the deal.

And then they’ll have to start working on the moral issues of it.

So what they are really trying to do is try to get a lot more countries to join, and they will need a lot less countries.

They will need to make the agreement very much about the environmental impacts of it, not just the political implications.

Al Jazeers: Do the governments have the political will?

Al Jazes: They’re working with the UN and the other world leaders, the heads of state, and there are a lot who are very committed to the deal, but there are also a lot sceptics.

There is a lot hostility towards it.

So it’s a tricky political situation.

Al Khan, Al Jazes.


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